Sugared Water reads April 1 – May 1 and October 1 – November 1.
(Special edition calls may appear independent of these dates.)

SW #006, Themed Issue : Cartography — reading Oct 1, 2017 - Nov 1, 2017
For the sixth issue of Sugared Water, we're looking for works grounded in or featuring maps, finding, exploring, adventuring, or marking place. The exploration may be figurative or literal, the mapped may be land, body, family, identity, memory, place, change, discovery, or emotion. We're delighted to read your interpretations of this theme.

We require a bio with all submissions (3rd person, 50 word limit), but your cover letter is optional. If you'd like to tell us a bit about yourself or why you chose Sugared Water for a particular submission, please do. If there's some interesting information you think we might like to know, don't be shy!

Please send us only your original works—no translations of already published works. (We will consider bi-lingual works & translations if the original is unpublished, and both the original author & translator are submitting jointly.) All work submitted to us must be previously unpublished.

Simultaneous Submissions are fine by us, but do let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere and needs to be withdrawn in part (please use the add note box located under the activity tab at your submission). Submittable's "withdraw" button will take the entire packet out of consideration. Need to make an edit? Please use the request an edit feature.

We request First North American Serial Rights. Your rights revert back to you, the author/artist, upon publication. For participation in our magazine, you will receive one contributor copy of the limited edition issue in which your work appears. If we do a later digital version, we'll ask your permission to include your work.

Ends on November 1, 2017$3.00 - 35.00
$3.00 - 35.00
We sometimes leave the jar open between regular reading periods, allowing for submissions slipped under our doors whilst we're huddled at the proofing table. So if the tip jar is the only option you see for submitting, and you're anti-fees, just remember that our regular reading periods come around twice a year (April 1 – May 1 and October 1 –November  1).

Though tipping doesn't mean we'll treat your submission differently than others during the selection process, it does garner our good thoughts, thanks, and some good vibes sent out into the universe in your name.

Please be sure to make a note of your genre when submitting via the jar!

$3 tip: This is simply a submission of your work with gift to the mag.

$12 tip: A tip + your choice of a back issue shipped to your door (or the door of a friend, if you prefer to give it as a gift). Let us know which you'd like (in your cover letter), and we'll ship it to the address you provide.

$25 tip: A tip and a subscription of 2 issues, or an issue & one of Porkbelly Press' anthologies (let us know which you'd like!).

$35 tip: A tip and two issues of your choice plus a chapbook of your choice from Porkbelly Press' line of chapbooks: Let us know which you'd like (in your cover letter), and we'll ship it to the address you provide.

We can't wait to read your work!